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From Joseph Morris

By Staff | Dec 2, 2015

To The Editor

Food for thought.

Out of chaos comes order. If there is no enemy then one must be created to instill fear in the minds of the public. Then the government can give us protection. This can only be done if we give up some of our rights because those constitutional rights stand in the way for us to be protected.

Such as after 9-11 we needed the Patriot Act, N.D.A.A. and the T.S.A.

How could the government protect us if we didn’t give them some of our rights.

Protecting the borders and vetting of aliens would be unthinkable only when a government needs terrorists, real or imaginary, to advance their agenda.

Getting back to 9-11, what better time to have Bin Ladin to appear, the Pentagon couldn’t account for three trillion dollars. But the attack on the Pentagon, just by luck, happened where the money was missing. Thank you Bin Laden. You dropped by just in time.

Let’s leave the Pentagon and get to where the action was in New York.

Forget what the architects and engineers have to say. The government has a good explanation for why the Twin Towers came down in a pile of rubble. Our govenrment wouldn’t lie to us. Would it?

What really gripes me the most is that Bin Ladin showed us how easy he could bring down the Twin Towers with hijacked airplanes. But he never let us in on how he brought down building number seven in a way that would make a demolition expert proud. If he had let us in on the secret, we could almost do away with the Air Force. All we would need is a suitable cave to work out of.

As for Bin Ladin as a terrorist, he was becoming an old softy so he needed to be retired in the deep, dark ocean, because we have a more aggressive and terrible enemy coming on the scene. That would be ISIS.

We still have a few rights left! Maybe if we give them up, just maybe our governemnt will be able to protect us from ISIS?

I for one do’nt want the government to protect me. I also try to avoid all gun-free zones. Gun-free zones act like a magnet to crazies and terrorists.


Joseph J. Morris