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From Short Line School PTA

By Staff | Nov 25, 2015

Dear Editor,

Short Line PTA is an organization committed to making a difference in the education of all of our students! We at SLS partners with our parents, teachers, staff and community on many levels to bring fun and educational events and opportunities to our children to enrich their academic experience.

Our PTA provides, through the hard work of our parent volunteers, many exciting activities and events. Just a few examples of what is offered throughout our school year include our annual Halloween Carnival, the opportunity for our children to participate in PTA basketball, Santa’s Gift Shop, funding for our PRIDE and Olympic Store program at SLS, funding for our school Spelling Bee, additional funding for class trips, assistance with building improvements and staff appreciation events throughout the school year.

Regular meetings are conducted which allows our PTA to share information with all members and we embrace and take into consideration all new ideas. An effective and successful PTA requires support and involvement from the parents of our students. Your first opportunity to show your support is to become a member!

We look forward to working together as a community to support our students and our school. If you have any additional questions about Short Line Schools PTA please do not hesitate to ask.

Your PTA Officers:

Danielle Pittman,


Mandy Ice, Vice


Sarah Kinczel, Secretary

Racquel Ring, Treasurer