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From Rada Wadsworth

By Staff | Oct 28, 2015

Dear Editor,

If you own real estate in Wetzel County, drilling for oil and gas is coming your way. People who live in the cities have not seen how it affects the countryside. Just talk to people who live on our county roads and how they are forced to let the drilling people on their land, wherever they want to drill. If you say no to them, they jsut take you to court and force the land owner to let them put their rigs and make roads wherever they want to. Read your Wetzel Chronicle of Sept. 30, 2015. There are more oil and gas companies who didn’t pay their taxes than the people who own their land.

The county roads have been destroyed by their semi-trucks, hauling overloaded equipment on them, and you have to travel them – school buses, our EMT drivers, sheriff’s department, state road trucks. The State of West Virginia can’t keep up with the cost of fixing them. Does the oil and gas company care? “No.” When you call the company they blame it on someone other than their trucks. Right now they figure with a donation to our county school and Wetzel County 4-H grounds and buying something from the FFA, they can do what they want. Talk to people who live on Eight Mile, Limestone, American Ridge, Barker, Jacksonburg, Wetzel Public Hunting area, Mobley, Route 7 – Route 20 from New Martinsville to the Wetzel County line no matter if you travel north, east, west, or south.

I hear we are getting another red light at Route 7 and Route 2. Just what we need in New Martinsville – more red lights for the oil and gas company instead of the road being fixed.

I live on Turkey Run, which used to be blacktop for the last four years. I have lived eating dust because now it is a dirt road with pot holes across the road. You can’t miss them. Semi-trucks travel this narrow road.

You call Stone oil company and they say it’s “Williams Compressor” station workers who travel this road 35 to 40 miles an hour. Island workers respect us. They travel slow passed houses. I know they are bonded and no oil or gas company has had their bond revoked because they dare not fix the roads they tear up. They tear the roads up and then say it is the State of West Virginia’s job to fix them.

Wait until they start drilling under the river and you lose your drinking water and the drilling trucks move into your town. The Ohio River banks will go the way our land went. Remember they just take you to court and do what they want.

Remember it will soon be time to vote for our county election! Check out who is running and ask them how they feel about what is happening in Wetzel County.

Rada Wadsworth