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From Leonard C. McIe

Sep 29, 2015

Dear Editor,

The issues of my letter as a concerned American citizen and as a taxpayer with rights of freedom of speech and the rights to vote in our free elections. The issues are with our 2016 presidential elections and our state elections and the candidates and issues. I don’t know if Rand Paul will go all the way to the Republican Convention. But I think outside of Mike Huckabee which has been in the position as a presidential candidate. If outside of Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul or Ted Cruz if there are any other Republican candidates which I have been convinced or impressed enough by to think about voting for. And I think Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is all news media/hype. I really think Chris Christie is just more of a conservative copy of Donald Trump. I think Rand Paul as a Libertarian Republican gives us more of a Ronald Reagon type Liberal Conservative Republican candidate instead of a third-party type of Libertarian. And I see Ted Cruz and Mike Huckabee offering a moral base to the office of president and policy-making decisions, which America is in desperate need of.

And as with our state elections, is there a better itme than now for the Mountain Party to really be serious about choosing candidates which are really serious about running for office and being elected? And that are qualified to be taken seriously as a canddidate. Do we really have any candidate who would represent the voice and needs of the common place watersa nd tax payers? These questions I ask? And as an American citizen with rights of freedom of speech, I do like to exercise my rights as a free American citizen, as with our news publications, which I do read many.

Leonard C. McIe

French Creek, W.Va.