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From Celia Johnson

Sep 29, 2015

Dear Editor,

I cannot believe the state our roads are getting in. They have not been topped for some time. They were patched, if you call that patching. Between New Martinsville and Proctor, it is so rough it almost rattles your teeth. Where are our state road workers? Surely they drive over this too.

I have been down to Marietta, Ohio a couple of times last week. I couldn’t get over how nice their roads are in Ohio. No wonder West Virginia people cross over and drive the Ohio roads.

The weeds are cut back fifteen to twenty feet from the highway. In West Virgina, especially Wetzel and Marshall Counties, the brush has not been cut back. On the back roads, the brush has not been cut or mowing has not been done. Someone sprayed a little around the turns and that is supposed to take care of the mowing. Ridiculous!! The briers rub the vehicles as you go by. No wonder West Virginia is portrayed the way it is. We have a long way to go to catch up with other states now. What did our state do with all the oil and gas tax? Sure wasn’t used on the roads. I think people ought to be asking questions.

Celia Johnson