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From Tina Bennett and Family of Erika Machelle Bennett

By Staff | Sep 16, 2015

Dear Editor

The family of Erika Machelle Bennett would like to thank all the sponsors and people that attended and supported the “Hank fest 2015”. For our sponsors we would like to thank: Walmart, Waysides, WETZ Radio, Mensors, McDonalds, Valley Cinema 3, Tasty Freeze, Ramona Mowder’s hand crafted wreaths and Suzie’s Crafts and Supplies and Marsha Kline’s pup creations and Brenda Weekly with essential oils.

We would also like to thank the Paden City Boosters, Carl Butcher sound, the Monkey Farm and The Pussyfooters for all the entertainment. We would also like to extend very big thank you to all friends and family that helped with food, and sales as well as all the day’s events.

This year we raised enough to put $700 into the scholarship foundation in Paden City in Honor of Erika Bennett and $350 to the Churgg Strauss Syndrome Foundation. We would like to thank all of the local sponsors, musicians, friends and family that have supported this festival over the past 5 years. Due to the lack of continued support sadly, this was the last Hankfest that we will be hosting. The attendance and financial support has decreased so the cost to continue outweighs what we would like to raise for donations to the Scholarship fund and to CSS.

Erika lost a very intense battle of Churg Strauss Syndrome in August of 2010 because of a lack of an early diagnoses and lack of the right treatment that could have saved her life. CSS is very rare form of Vacuities or inflammation of blood vessels. The symptoms almost always show severe asthma and inflammatory of sinus activity as well as impaired blood flow to systems such as lungs, nerves, joints, kidneys, skin and heart.

To learn more about CSS please visit www.cssassociation.org and we encourage friends to continue to donate on Erika’s behalf for the cause that will spread information about this disease. Or, you can donate to the Paden City scholarship foundation in Erika’s name at Wesbanco Paden City to keep her scholarship alive and well.

Thank you again to Paden City and the surrounding area for your support and love in Memory of Erika Machelle Hank Bennett. God bless all.

Tina Bennett and

Family of Erika Machelle Bennett