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From Robert Hoffman and Friends

By Staff | Aug 26, 2015

Dear Editor,

My wife and I went to “Town and Country Days,” Senior Citizens Day event Aug. 13. We arrived at the gate at 9:15 a.m. to find no ride to the center, as was promised in the local paper. A lady at the gate called and a van came 20 minutes later. This had two gigantic steps to board. I had to have the driver lift me up and in. No wonder few seniors come to our “seniors center” or elsewhere in these obsolete vans with too high of steps. There must be more suitable vans made somewhere in this country. The stone age is past. “Shame, shame, Uncle Sam.” Sorry.

We enjoyed a nice lunch and entertainment. A very grateful thanks to those who put it on or helped with the days events. A special thanks to those who helped the seniors in wheelchairs and others who are impaired. Thanks to those who served many of us at our tables.

On leaving, we were not so agile. We found no means to take us down the hill and to the lot. No help. Like a golf cart with 4″ steps on, like we had a few years back. It would be nice if someone would help us “old fogies,” by getting us such a cart or an easy-to-board vehicle for future outings.

Easier to board vans for our seniors would go a long ways to getting more seniors out and about to make their remaining years more enjoyable. I’m here to tell you politicians that you are going to be old and feeble like me one day. You should work hard to get easier to board vans for our senior centers of America.

Thanks to all those who helped to put on the “Seniors Day” event at Town and Country Days. We hope to see everyone at the next “seniors” event or at the senior center.

Happy, easy traveling to all our seniors.

Robert Hoffman

and Friends