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From Jimmy Colvin

By Staff | Jul 22, 2015

Dear Editor,

Recently, my mother-in-law was seen at the Wetzel County Hospital ER and then was admitted to “A” Wing for more extended care for severe dehydration. During the next several days, the family was called into the hospital to her room on different occasions due to her decline in health, but she was a fighter and always improved. Then on Friday, June 19, her condition took a turn for the worst and her health continued to decline.

I just wanted to tell everyone how very, very impressed and proud we all were with the hospital staff during the week that she was in the hospital. The staff was always very helpful, informative and kind not only to “mom” but with all of the family. Many, many thanks to the employees in the ER and “A” Wig of Wetzel County Hospital.

We are very fortunate to have Wetzel County Hospital and the excellent care the staff provides.

Jimmy Colvin