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From Joseph Morris

By Staff | Jul 15, 2015

To the Editor,

A little food for thought.

Is the Confederate Flag taking a bum rap? You decide.

The activists are screaming, take it down, it’s a symbol of slavery in the south.

But is it anymore than Old Glory is?

Let’s look back at slavery in the United States. Who is credited with owning the first slaves in the United States? His name is Anthony Johnson. If you are not a history buff, this might come as a surprise to you. He was a black man! Don’t take my word for it. Check it out yourself.

Another thing, the factories in the north also jumped into slavery. There wasn’t much profit in it for them since they had to care for them, so they gave up on slavery and went to child labor.

Now let’s look at the South! The majority of white southerners did not own slaves, they were what was called white trash. By the way, some of the freed slaves were slave owners.

The real reason that the South ceded from the United States was because they were being taxed so heavy, they were losing their homes. But the victor writes the history, not the loser. After the Civil War, about all the south had left was its pride and the flag.

Now some of the politicians from the Democrat and Republican parties are trying to make points with the activists and are calling for the removal of the Confederate Flag along with Wal-Mart and NASCAR. Evidently NASCAR must have forgotten its roots!

But I think there is some good news. The Constitution Party of the West Virginia still supports southern pride and the Confederate Flag and will continue to do so.

By the way, here is a little tidbit to chew on. During the Civil War, the Confederate Soldiers, both the black and white, fought side by side under the Confederate Flag. In the north, the black and white soldiers were segregated and remained so until sometime after the Second World War.

Will those activists next want to pull down Old Glory?

Joseph J. Morris

New Martinsville