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From Marge Myer and Family

By Staff | Jan 14, 2015

I would like to thank the Paden City Fire Department and the workers who drove Santa around on Christmas Eve. On Boston Street, my family, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren had heard him coming. Everyone was waiting outside. When he came by and stopped, my little great-grandson was using his hands to motion for Santa. He kept saying “Come here, Santa.” His dad was holding him and he kept his hands and arms waving, saying “Come here, Santa.” This is the first time in the 48 years I have lived here that Santa has taken the time to step down and hold the little boy and took time to talk to him and the other children. Also, pictures were taken. Thank you so much Santa and Anthony Darnell, you made a lot of children happy. Also, many thanks to the drivers and workers.

Thanks Again,

Marge Myer and Family