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From Robert Richard

By Staff | Dec 3, 2014

To The Editor,

The natural gas boom in West Virginia continues to breathe new life into our communities. We now have opportunities that were never before possible thanks to the development of our natural gas resources. We also should concern ourselves with who is building the infrastructure necessary to export those resources. We should give weight and support to companies who choose to utilize a Local WV Workforce as well as insisting on high skills and safety values. As much as the gas is our property, so should we also have a voice in who is going to treat our property with respect as well as keep the residual money from building this infrastructure flowing within our communities.

Rover Pipeline should create upwards of 10,000 construction jobs resulting in nearly $1 billion being paid to construction workers and contractors for their work. Commitment to utilize local workers means both a positive impact to the local economies well as an increase demand for goods and services along the pipeline route.

Pipelines are the safest means of transporting natural gas, and they don’t interfere with our existing infrastructure. The are monitored constantly and regulated by federal and state authorities in both the construction and operation phases. For land owners, insisting on local workers for these projects injects yet another layer of value and assurance that the job s done right.

West Virginia is fortunate to have an abundant supply of natural gas and we can use that gas to better secure our nation’s energy future. The Rover Pipeline is an important step in developing our energy infrastructure, and an important building opportunity for West Virginians.

Robert Richard


Local President

Member of Laborers Local 1149