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From Christy Bland

By Staff | Sep 17, 2014

To The Editor,

I am writing a letter in response to a recent letter. As a volunteer on the Wetzel County Wall of Honor, it sickens me that this “business” can take so much credit for completing a job that is still not done. They were paid, in full, by all the individuals and businesses that couldn’t wait to see this wonderful project completed. So many excuses and reasons as to why it’s not done from weather to making t-shirts. I ask you, have all these people ordering shirts paid up front, then waited months getting one shirt at a time? I don’t think so.

A group of hard-working volunteers actually did spend countless hours making this dream a reality. Personally, I’m disgusted at anyone who does not do the job they were paid to do, yet uses this as a stepping stone to build their business clientele!

Having to look into the tear-filled eyes of a WWII Veteran, asking when his name might be there, is heart-wrenching.

They did this job for the money and recognition, not for the veterans! They should be ashamed of themselves!

These views and opinions are my own and do not reflect on any other person or business.

Christy Bland

New Martinsville