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From Jim Barnhart

By Staff | Sep 10, 2014

Dear Editor,

What would we think if people went about relieving themselves and leaving their waste behind in our public parks, beaches, and even on our personal and private lands? Or, to tone it down a bit and make it more realistic, what would we think about people letting their animals defecate in the same areas without cleaning up after them? I’m pretty certain I know your answer. Then why are we expected to tolerate the Canadian Geese doing just that?

Years ago, my son, who was in the high school band, came home almost in tears complaining about the goose dung that regularly littered the practice field they exercised upon and how sometimes they would dump upon them from the air when they were interrupted in their goose activity. At that time, like most people, I was enamored with the solitude, grace, and beauty of these creatures; however, since then, I’ve been forced to experience the filth of these vermin, and needless to say, it is not a pleasant experience. And, our youth are still expected to wallow in this mess as these wretched invaders quickly move in and take over most athletic fields and playgrounds.

In addition, the geese create a tremendous public safety hazard with commercial airlines and private planes. I just read an article in a local newspaper stating bird strikes, mostly geese because they are bigger and heavier and do the most damage, cost the aviation industry $950 million a year. That is money that no doubt comes out of our pockets, folks, and is most certainly an unnecessary risk to our health and safety in flying.

I’ve asked several law enforcement officials about this situation and they seem to be seduced and hypnotized by these nuisances as I once was, to the point that they promised me there would be consequences for harming one of these varmints, including a fine and possible jail time. Doesn’t sound as if we the public are being very well “protected and served” in this area.

So, my questions to anyone who wants to listen or might know an answer: How long are we going to be expected to put up with this nonsense? Are we going to have to wait until the filth of these beasts cause some kind of pandemic sickness or disease before something is done? What will it take?

Jim Barnhart