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From John Morando

By Staff | Apr 16, 2014

I want to publicly express appreciation to Mayor Hopkins and our councilman, Tom Trader, for getting the abandoned trailer next to my property removed. The gentleman, Larry, and his wife not only did a great job of tearing down that eyesore, but did a fantastic job of cleaning up the area afterwards.

I know the past winter took a toll on our highways, streets, and alley. My wife tries to dodge the numerous potholes on Ohio Route 7 to and from work. Paved roads are a little more difficult to repair due to temperatures and volumes of traffic, etc. etc. etc.

However, alleys are a little easier to repair. For example, the alley that runs parallel between North Third Avenue and State Route 2. The potholes are so numerous and some so deep that a small child could use them as wading pools. If anyone travels on this particular alley, they’d better go very slowly lest they damage their vehicle. Approximately 17 vehicles travel this alleyway, not counting the Solid Waste truck. In the past the city has graded the alley, which is a nice gesture, but the first rain afterward, the potholes are back. If the city would invest in some crushed stone. Simple procedure; grade the entire alley, put down a layer of crushed stone, wet it down and then roll it. This would last a lot longer that until the first rain. I’ve tried for the last four years to have this done.

I suggest that the mayor and other council members drive up and down the alley so that they may see the problem firsthand. The only city official who has personally checked out the problem is Councilman Tom Trader.

John Morando

Paden City