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From Ray Witten

By Staff | Jan 29, 2014

To the Editor:

This letter is in reference to the Wheeling Intelligencer which read, “Ormet may be finished.” I have to question this bias newspaper how and where they get their information. Is it due to the fact that there is no news coming out of Ormet you have to start your own rumors and fuel the gossip mill?

Maybe they are having closed door meetings with Governor John Kasich himself since it sounds like something he would say. Perhaps newspaper sales are down and they want to use the Ormet’s 1,000-plus salary and hourly jobs as whipping posts.

The Wheeling Intelligencer also went on to compare Ormet with other Ohio Valley plants that are closed. But at the same time they did say those plants or businesses may be finished? Ormet over the past 60 years has had the privilege of employing the most dedicated employees, both salary and hourly this valley has ever employed. Those are two of the main reasons why Ormet has been able to survive as long as it has.

Ormet’s issues will not be resolved through the media. My advice to the Wheeling Intelligencer is this, if rumors and bias opinions is all you have to print about Ormet, save your ink and paper. Remember, we may be down, but we are not finished.

Ray Witten

Marietta, Ohio