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From Howard Cork

By Staff | Dec 24, 2013

To the Editor:

I know that the employees of the oil companies have a job to do and they are new to this area and our ways. I appreciate that and they have a job to do. But that does not excuse the lack of respect for others.

Wednesday afternoon as a funeral procession was leaving William’s Funeral Home in Pine Grove, one of the sand trucks almost hit one of the cars, all the driver did was blast on the horn and cut through the line of cars, (with their lights on which in this state means a funeral and you give way to them), There are a dozen reason maybe this happened, but it is still a sign of disrespect for the family and all involved.

When I was growing up if we meet a funeral, then we pulled over and most of the time got out and stood by the car. It is a shame that people don’t do that nowadays. It was just a sign of respect.

Howard Cork

Pine Grove