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From Ralph M. Crouse

By Staff | Nov 6, 2013

With Frontier reporting that it has met the public service commission goals, we would like to let you know that Frontier has not met our goals.

We are very unhappy with the service we have been receiving from Frontier. We have been requesting high speed internet service for the last 10 years. I would call once a year to the local office in Hundred and see what could be done to increase the internet speed. My neighbor who lives a quarter of a mile from our house has high speed internet service. We have heard about boosters that may solve the problem of bolstering the internet speed, but nothing has been tried.

The dial-up service is very slow, beyond slow. I really believe that there is a problem with our line. Even on dial-up it should not take 10-15 minutes to load a web page. I have walked away from the computer and forgot what I was trying to load a page. We are unable to do updates to our computer, but I guess with the slow speed we do not have to fear a virus. We need Frontier to provide us with an affordable internet provider.

Hughes Net is not an option because of the cost of even a small download. Frontier has just notified us that they are discontinuing the dial-up internet service in our area as of Dec. 31. This notice was received yesterday, on Oct. 28. They are offering nothing to replace dial-up service. The letter mentions Frontier High-Speed Internet Service but upon calling Frontier, we are told that this service is not available in our area.

Anyone else having problems with Frontier can write the CEO at:

Mary Agnes Wilderotter

180 S. Clinton Avenue 7th Floor

Rochester, NY 14646


Ralph M. Crouse