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From Howard Cork

By Staff | Nov 6, 2013

Carolyn (my wife) wrote this in January 2013 before she went to be with the Lord on Feb. 20, 2013, it is still relevant to the churches and the people now. Please read and be blessed.

Scoot closer. (What a strange word to use) What does scoot mean? To me it is like a bunch of chicks, and how they move in under the mother hen, (they scoot in) come under her wings, because there is safety, from the storms of life and comfort. You can know the heart beat of the one providing the safety. My definition of Scoot is to move quickly.

I believe the heart of the Father says to move quickly, come closer. I believe that the Father says scoot to the church, move in, come closer, know my heart, know me better. Then you will be able to move in my will and you won’t have to worry when, where, or why! I will cause you to excel in things you never thought you would ever do. I will show you a path you never saw before and I will bless you, because I truly love you, each of you, far more than you can know or understand you are precious to me.

Carolyn said, “I started this as my heart’s thoughts and ended it as the Father’s heart. Some where it changed from my heart to His heart, Do you feel it, can you see it? Then do it. Psalms 84:11-12

She feels this is a word from the Lord by the Holy Spirit for the body of Christ, the Church.

Howard Cork

Pine Grove