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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Oct 2, 2013

Hello again from St. Marys Correctional Center.

The information I sometimes write about may not be one hundred percent accurate; most I’ve gotten from addicts, users, pushers or people who have been around it most of their lives. Sometimes I may ramble on or jump around the subject I’m writing, and for that I apologize.

Here’s what I’ve gathered on the drug crystal meth amphetetamines, or meth, as it’s known. It’s a drug I hope and pray never comes to that area, if it hasn’t already shown up. They say its the easiest drug to become addicted to, and the hardest to kick.

People have no idea how lucky they are to be healthy. Some people are so selfish when they get high, filling their bodies full of chemicals. How could they care about anyone or anything when they don’t even care for themselves? They poison their bodies with what’s in meth – Coleman fuel, battery acid, and canned heat, to name a few. These items are not used to cook meth, but they are just some of the ingredients that are in meth.

“Poison.” Meth is poison that not only rots the brain, but the teeth as well. It’s easy to spot the habitual users of meth by the black stubs they have for teeth. I’ve seen so many people, men and women, in their twenties with teeth rotted from excessive use, or I should say excessive abuse of certain drugs, with meth being at the top of the list.

I know meth is an epidemic in some parts of the state. I honestly pray it never comes to that area. It is nothing but bad news . . . I mean really bad news, not only from the stories making the news everyday but also from the addicts who were strung out on it – the same ones with the black stubs for teeth. I’ve heard what they have done to get it, who they’ve hurt along the way, and that they didn’t care that they did hurt anyone, for a high that only lasts a few minutes.

I feel sorry for people who think they’re going to be cool in the eyes of a buddy they are doing drugs with for the first time. They have no idea the failure they’re setting themselves up for, just to try and impress someone.

You really need to be honest with yourself . . . What’s more important: your life or the buddy trying to push this garbage on you?

My advice to anyone who is offered meth or any drug would be to think of your health, think of your freedom, but most of all, think of your family. They’re the ones that really suffer.

No short high is worth any of this!

Chase your dreams, not drugs!


Warren Wade #31735

St. Marys Correctional Center