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From Jamie Benson

By Staff | Sep 4, 2013

To the Editor:

Thursday, Aug. 23, New Martinsville lost a man that not many may know! No big titles to his name, no big organizations he led, no executive status did he hold but he left a forever memory in my heart! He and his family were a lot of the time a butt of some not so nice jokes when I was a kid, but my memory of him is one that I will never forget!

Being a huskier build and not so attractive youth in middle school, I didn’t feel good about myself and less attractive than the others in my class! On one occasion this boy came through my fourth grade classroom and laid a half wilted rose on my desk! I was truly honored and it made me feel special and still does to this day! He will never know the impact that it made on me and my life!

Thank you, Keith Gray for placing a never ending memory on my heart! May u be pain free and picking roses for others who may need that boost!

Rest in peace, my friend and thanks again!

Mrs. Benson (as he now called me)

Jamie Benson

New Martinsville