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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Aug 14, 2013

ear Editor,

Greetings once again.

The last letter I had written, I had explained about the orderly who works the medical unit here at St. Marys Correctional Center, how helpful and caring he is. This letter I’ve decided to write about one of the inmates under his care. I see this inmate every day slowly deteriorating from his long-term abuse of drugs and alcohol, dying from liver disease. The only thing that can help him now is a liver transplant, which is highly unlikely to happen. This man is sure to die in prison as a result of his substance abuse when he was younger. He is now in his mid-fifties; I’m sure he has cheated himself out of a much longer life.

Alcohol is a legal beverage, allowed by those 21 and older. Pain pills are legal to those who have been prescribed them by a doctor. But, long-term abuse of either can lead to an early grave. Not only legal drugs, but illegal ones, have the same end result, and that end result is prison or death.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you can be anything you want as long as you apply yourself. Never let anyone tell you different, “but,” if you decide to choose a life with drugs and alcohol involved in it, you’re sure to be dead or in prison.

I’ve met lots of people on drugs who claimed they didn’t have a drug problem. My opinion is, if you snort drugs up your nose, or inject them in your veins, you have a serious problem.

It’s really unfortunate it has taken me so long to realize I had an alcohol problem, and I’m “very fortunate” I have not suffered any long-term problems from it.

A life broken by substance abuse can be rebuilt and an individual can emerge a strong person. I honestly believe this to be true for a person who really wants to change their life.

Certain drugs, such as some painkillers and alcohol, can cause liver damage and other health problems when abused. Do you really want to take the chance of damaging your liver? Have a yellow tint to your skin? Always in pain? Unable to care for yourself? After seeing and hearing his pain and helplessness, I don’t!

Really, really think about your future before you decide to try “any” drugs and/or alcohol. It is not worth it!

Chase you dreams, not drugs!


Warren Wade, #31735

St. Marys Correctional Center