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From Annie Fox

By Staff | Jun 26, 2013

To the Editor:

This is a follow up letter to keep everyone informed on what is happening with the by-law in the Livestock Club allowing the use of sedatives at the fair.

Our club had a meeting prior to this letter in which it was decided that they will allow nothing to be done about the by-law until the September and October meetings. So, currently, to my knowledge, the by-law stands; the drugs are allowed.

My purpose in writing these letters is not to give the Livestock Club a bad reputation, but to inform the community of something that other people would rather hide. If in the process of doing that I’ve dented their reputation, well, I’m not sorry that I did it.

As a whole we created this problem, and so far we’ve not fixed it. I believe that the community needs to know and understand that there is no guarantee that these sedatives are harmless to humans. They’re legal, but they aren’t medicine. In my opinion, they serve no purpose other than to make up for lack of work, which completely undermines the entire point of 4-H and FFA.

We are supposed to be teaching kids right from wrong and to understand the value of hard work. I think the whole idea is wrong. It’s really not a matter of opinion. Animals do get scared, but if you work with them, no matter how afraid they are, they won’t be totally unmanageable. I’ve never seen that happen.

I also hope that this won’t damage the sale beyond repair; I do understand what it costs to raise an animal and that some people count on that sale check. I don’t think that’s an excuse to sweep this whole thing under the rug though. I’ve raised animals all my life, and I do rely on that sale check. However I don’t cherish it so highly that I’ll compromise what I think is right in order to ensure that I receive it. I think that’s a petty excuse.

This issue has already cost us members and support. I know that the whole club doesn’t feel this way, but to those people who have left over this, for me at least, you are missed. I hope we can truly resolve this issue, and not just ignore it, before it costs us more.

The irony in all of this is that these words are coming from a 14-year-old girl, not an adult. If a child can see so clearly how to resolve this, why can’t an entire room full of adults figure it out?


Annie Fox