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From Robb Bauer

By Staff | Jun 19, 2013

Dear Editor:

As you all know, Magnolia High School’s baseball team recently played in the state championship semi-final and final games. These games were held a week after graduation and after the younger high school students had finished their classes and started exams. In other words, school was not running on our regular schedule, nor were we able to provide a fan bus to transport students to Charleston.

Nevertheless, it was absolutely awesome to see the stands packed with Magnolia fans-students, parents, faculty, boosters, community members-for both games. Despite the two-hour drive and/or the cost of lodgings, we had as many loyal followers there as Charleston Catholic, whose school is so nearby, students were able to walk to the field.

While we are all sorry the boys and their coaches did not win the final game, I am very honored to work at a school that inspires such devotion and constancy in the community. Thank you, Coach Cisar, Coach Barcus, and members of the baseball team for a great season and for reminding us why we are so proud of our Blue Eagles.


Robb Bauer

Assistant Principal

Magnolia High School