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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Jun 19, 2013

To The Editor,

In regard to Donna Ferrell’s letter in your May 29 issue, in my opinion it was a very astute and intelligent assessment of what is being done to our planet under the catch phrases such as “weather modification” and geoengineering.

Pray tell, what does the release of all the documented nana particles and all the other nefarious substances being sprayed on us have to do with this notion that weather can be controlled? To what end is this being done? Some suggest that Monsanto Chemical is a player in this, having to do with the notion that after this stuff is in the ground only seeds made by Monsanto will germinate and grow! There could be truth in this because currently, Monsanto is becoming persona non grata in several countries. Wonder why?

In addition to all the known substances that are being released in our atmosphere, I suggest that there is another pollutant being released in ever-increasing amounts. That would be the famous, D.U.M.B. particle! Surely its use has been widespread and, in my opinion, I would suspect that over half of the thinking people in the country can also see the results of its use!

It must be so because a concerned and intelligent populace would not have elected and, what’s worse, re-elected the man we have as our president! And let us not forget his hand-servants and enablers, one being our junior senator, who by record has supported the Obama agenda 96 percent of the time! So much for independent Joe! In the immortal words of the great Earl Pitts: “Wake up America!” To Donna Ferrell . . . You go girl!

Denver McMullen