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From Donna Ferrell

By Staff | May 29, 2013

GeoEngineering. We cannot deny that our government is using GeoEngineering to modify the weather. Look up. You will see planes spraying aerosols that may be white, grey, or clear. These aerosols are cocktails mixed and applied to directly influence our weather. Start looking up. You see what appear to be ordinary contrails, yet they don’t dissipate. They spread out and white out the sky. Remember science observations at school? You’ll be amazed, shocked, and then angry to realize it’s almost non-stop.

Political correctness. Have you heard that thinking anything other than what you see on television or the news is crazy? Afraid of hearing “Conspiracy Theorist”? Was the little boy that shouted out, “The Emperor Has No Clothes!” a nut or honest without an agenda, and not taught to be silent to protect himself from ridicule?

Investigate for yourself. Step outside the box of political correctness.

If you see it and don’t say or do anythingwhy? Are you, like the politicians and adult civilians in the child’s book, just too cowardly to risk peer pressure and ridicule by people that have an agenda? Anyone have Alzheimer’s in your family? Anyone have Autism, an Auto Immune Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Cancer? Think about it Nono-sized (too small to see with naked eye) heavy metal particles enter the blood stream. They go quickly to the brain by inhalation. Whatever is sprayed eventually works its way to the ground. It contaminates our air, water, ground, plantseverything. What if the adults around that little boy in the story told him to “Be quiet” rather than becoming emboldened to tell the truth, too? What if everyone were told by the government that what they were seeing was a lie, rather than accept the truth of a little boy with no agenda? Have you heard that people are now being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s as young as in their 40’s. Since the spraying is almost constant nowHow long will it take for children to be diagnosed with it? If we’re too cowardly to care about our family, or our own lucidityWe deserve the consequences.

Make up your own mind: GeoEngineeringWatch.org; TheNewAmerican.com; Search HAARP technology, and United Nations Grabbing Global Power; Matthew 18:3Which came first, the child’s Emperor story or Jesus’ story? Truth is truth. Spread the word.

Donna Ferrell

New Martinsville