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From Barbara Hopkins

By Staff | May 29, 2013

SGH, “my heroes “

Four weeks ago, I experienced severe chest pain. I recognized this pain as a possible heart attack. My husband was called and he rushed me to Sistersville General Hospital. Familiar faces of the ER Staff surrounded me, and they set to work to help me.

The port was placed in the back of my hand, IV’s were set up, BP Cuff on, my temp taken, and I was given aspirin. Radiology came in, X-rays were taken, electrodes were put in place, and the EKG machine began to hum along as it recorded my heart rhythm.

The crew shouted out numbers and someone was assigned to record them. Dr. King walked around observing each procedure as it progressed. Each person reported to him my vitals. I cannot describe the awesome orchestration that was going on there. It was as if I was watching a movie as they shouted back and forth numbers and stats. I was brought back to reality when “Dracula Lady” showed up to take blood. (My sense of humor came alive at that point.)

The ambulance arrived to transport me to Parkersburg. I heard them discussing that they could not Life Fight me because of the weather. I remember thinking, “Thank you God!” (I don’t know why I thought that)

When they loaded me, I looked around the ER and sea of faces. I asked them why there were so many helping me and they told me that one shift was leaving and one coming on. I was overwhelmed. They all stayed to do a job, and that job was to save a life.

At Parkersburg they took me straight to the Cath. Lab. Everyone was in place waiting for me. Sistersville had set this up as they were working on me. I was done and in ICU before 6 o’clock that evening.

SGH Staff accomplished their job with great skill and unbelievable quickness and expertise. I received such great care. I felt safe in their hands, and they treated me with the utmost care and respect.

My Cardiologists tell me the staff at SGH saved my life. I don’t know what the final outcome will be, I have some recovery ahead, but had it not been for the expert care I received at Sistersville Hospital’s ER, I wouldn’t have survived.

Thank you! My heroes! Allan, Jasmine, Dr. King, and the entire crew, I owe you my life! SGH, GH= God’s Helpers.

Barbara Hopkins

Paden City