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From Royce Dee Cain

By Staff | May 1, 2013

To The Editor,

I am a coach for my son’s little league baseball team at Pine Grove. We went to use the restrooms in the city park during a game and were surprised, not in a good way. I have never see such a disgusting mess. I would not want any child to use those facilities. The high school softball team also plays at that park and what an embarrassment to have teams from other areas see that filth.

I went to the city asking them to help clean up the mess. All I got from the public official was if I kept complaining they would lock up the bathrooms and the teams would have to rent porta johns. Everyone in town pays a $4 fee for the upkeep of the building and grounds which should include the park restrooms. So my question is, what is that money being used for?

I think our children should come first, so why not put out a little effort and clean the restrooms.

Royce Dee Cain

Wilson Run