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From Angie Mall Sellers

By Staff | May 1, 2013

Dear Readers,

My name is Angie Mall Sellers, and I am writing as I have been concerned about our service men and women. I used to see flags and yellow ribbons out out to show our men and women that we do support them. I don’t feel that way anymore.

I had a son, Jim Lasick, in the 101st Airborne, and he served in the Desert Storm conflict. If you have never had a son or daughter in the armed forces, you don’t know what I am talking about. My son used to write to me and asked if the United States supported them. I would tell him all the nice things that they did. They don’t do that anymore. What has happened to our world and people? They fight for our freedom and give their lives and body for us. Don’t you think we could do a little more than what we do?

As a mother of a daughter and son that served in the armed forces, I am proud to say that I am glad they decided to lay their lives on the line to do something for the United States. I am so lucky that my son came back to us. Some of them don’t, and we know a lot of them personally.

So please think about this, and it would be nice to see those flags on the main highway flying and yellow ribbons to show your support.

A concerned mother of two veterans,

Angie Mall Sellers

New Martinsville