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From Paden City Council

By Staff | Apr 17, 2013

This letter is concerning the April 1 Paden City Council Meeting that was in the county papers. The headline was “PC Mayor Asks City To Limit Spending.” We all need to curb or spending as a government. Everyone in the United States as families have had to cut back on spending. But we as a council in Paden City have tried to cut back on spending. Council asked the mayor back in August 2012 and several times after that we need to cut back. Our economy is in bad shape. When we were asked to raise sewer rates, we asked the mayor to cut spending. We wanted to show the citizens of Paden City we were trying to cut back. The cut backs never happened, and it was not because we did not try. We need others to work with us.

After the council meeting came out in the paper, we have had people tell us, “Well we see where the mayor told council to cut back on your spending.” We just want the citizens of Paden City to know that we have been trying to get the spending cut back. Thank you for your time.

Thank You,

Paden City Council

Larry E. Potts

Thomas E. Trader Sr.

Matt Ferrebee

Rick Casteel

Dan Probst

Richard Wright Jr.