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From Karen Mitchell

By Staff | Apr 10, 2013

After nearly 45 years at 505 Maple Avenue in New Martinsville, I would like to ask for any pictures or other information people may have about it. I want to make a memory book of the events in its history starting with Joseph Stender and his wife who built the home, the Pattersons who later bought it, and for any special thoughts you may have about what has happened there.

I plan to visit the appraiser’s office to look up its history and the library to see what may have appeared in The Republican and The Democrat, as well as The Chronicle.

I will be in New Martinsville until April 10 when I return to Canton, Ohio, where I am now living. Call me at 304-455-2647, or write me at 1619 Lancaster Gate, SE, North Canton, OH 44709.

Thank you

Karen Mitchell

North Canton, Ohio