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From Kevin and Kimberly White and family

By Staff | Apr 3, 2013

Kevin and Kimberly White would like to say thank you to everyone for their love and support to our family. We lost our home to a house fire on Feb. 8, 2013. There are too many names to mention. We are very grateful to everyone for the donations, love, and support. To Heather Brown for selling us a beautiful trailer. To the guys that worked every day helping us get the trailer moved in and worked in the mud and rain. To all the people that worked so hard on the benefits, to all the churches and Shooters. The restaurants, stores, family, friends, and strangers that just stopped by while we were working.

We are very blessed and thankful to live in such a kind caring community. Thanks to you all! No words will ever express how grateful we are.


Kevin and Kimberly White and family