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From Lee Harlan

By Staff | Feb 27, 2013

One cold and rainy day, as I was traveling in my car on Rt. 2 in New Martinsville, I spotted a small animal in the middle of the highway with cars going in both directions, just barely missing it. I pulled my car to the side of the road and when traffic eased up, I ran to pick the animal up.

I was surprised to see a tiny kitten, shivering from the cold and with its nose running. Its eyes weren’t even open. I took the little kitten to Dr. White’s office where he gave it a shot and gave me medicine for its ears. He spent a long time checking the kitten and charged me a very small fee. Thank you so very much Dr. White and staff.

I have always been very much a dog lover, and I had no intentions of keeping the kitten. I took the kitten home and Karen and I nursed him back to health. I never knew at the time how much this kitten would mean to me. It is so loving, so sweet, and absolutely beautiful.

It’s now been nearly two years and I wouldn’t take anything for him. If I’m away from the house, I can’t wait to get home to see him. He and my precious little dog “Angel” are very happy in the same house together.

I named this Siamese kitten “Lucky,” because I felt it was his lucky day that I came along. However, I now consider myself and my family the truly lucky ones to share our lives with him.

There are so many kittens in animal shelters all around the country. I would strongly advise anyone who wants a great companion to consider adopting a cat. They require very low maintenance and bring so much joy to your home.

Thanks for listening,

Lee Harlan

Paden City