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From Diane Strippel

By Staff | Jan 30, 2013

As I write this, there are many thousands marching for life in the cold in Washington, D.C. I ask myself, how is it that we have not learned the lessons from the past? Babies are not property. Yet our law treats them as if they were, just as it did many years ago with slavery.

At the very least, and I do mean the very least, viable babies should be protected under the law. They are not. If you don’t believe this, search “abortion survivors”. You will find that there are thousands of people alive today that survived abortion. Obviously, they were viable at the time. For how many others, was the murder successful?

But when it comes to that, on which day does a baby change from being property to being a person? God knows, and medicine knows that it is at conception that life begins.

I pray that God will lead us out of this darkness and into the light of Jesus Christ.


Diane Strippel

New Martinsville