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From Danny Mahurin

By Staff | Jan 30, 2013

We all endured a terrible wind storm this past summer. Loss of electricity caused loss of food, electric, lights, fuel problems, and for a few, loss of patience. Many stepped outside their own problems and helped others through this trying time. I want to thank a group of workers that were appreciated yet perhaps did not receive the personal thanks they deserved.

The folks that gathered up all that lost food and put it in the garbage trucks have my admiration. I helped bag up a neighbor’s freezer loss, and the smell was beyond belief. At stop after stop, those guys had to handle the same kind of smell, ignore it, move on and go through it again and again.

Looking out the window this morning, I watched as they tried to keep their footing on icy streets as they moved through my neighborhood. Be careful guys and thanks for what you do.

In closing, I would hope that perhaps a few of them will remember when last winter, as they made a pick up at a local gas station, I bought each a cup of coffee to go. If you get the chance, thank them with coffee. If not, just give them a wave of the hand. Let them know they are appreciated.


Danny Mahurin

New Martinsville