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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Jan 2, 2013

Alcoholism: A complex chronic psychological and nutritional disorder associated with continued excessive and uncontrollable use of alcohol drinks.

Back in the late-1970s, when I started experimenting with alcohol, there were not a lot of programs to tell students the results of alcohol and alcohol abuse. At least, I don’t remember them if there were. Then again, I didn’t have an alcohol problem; I was only “experimenting.” By experimenting, I found that I liked it. Is that what a lot of the abusers of pain pills and heroin thought when they started down their road of misery?

There is so much education on substance abuse nowadays. If you don’t believe anything else you’ve ever read or heard, you better believe this! It is one hard road to come back up, once you’ve gone down it, regardless of your substance of choice.

I don’t believe addicts or alcoholics are something someone sets out to be. I also don’t think it takes much practice to be one either. You might start out with a few drinks after work, or you might have hurt your back and needed pills for the pain. You found you really liked them, or it might have been “good ole peer pressure.” However it was, it’s a lot easier to get an addiction than to get rid of one.

I honestly think a person has got to “really want” to quit, or it’s a waste of time trying.

I know I’ll never take another drink as long as I breathe. I have wasted so much of my life in hell holes like this, and it could have been easily avoided. Hurting friends and family who have done nothing but help me. That’s exactly what drug and alcohol addictions do, no matter who you are!

As far as me and alcohol goes, those days are behind me, and that’s where they’ll stay. It’s just a shame it’s taken all these wasted years to actually see the light and realize that alcohol has destroyed so much of my past. I can’t change the past, God only knows I wish I could; all I can do is pray for a better and brighter future.

I just hope I can change one person and turn them away from the life of an addict or alcoholic. This is a miserable way to live. Chase your dreams, not drugs.


Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail