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From Warren Todd Wade

By Staff | Dec 26, 2012

I’m sure most people would agree, education is probably one of the most valuable assets we can obtain in life.

This jail is a lot like school. I’ve really learned so much in the last couple of years I’ve been here. But, what I’ve learned, is not all good. I’ve learned that substance abuse is destroying today’s youth; I’ve learned there’s a serious epidemic of pain pills and heroin, even in the neighborhoods I ran around in when I was young. I’ve even learned where to get the same drugs that are destroying today’s youth, and also the neighborhoods. Not just the big cities, but the smallest communities everywhere.

I’ve learned that death makes headlines everyday because someone overdosed, or someone died as the result of a drunk driver, or someone shot trying to rob a pharmacy. The list is endless.

I’ve learned that nothing good can come from substance abuse, absolutely nothing! Sure, it might feel good for a while, but the end result is always the same for everyone-pure misery, back to reality, broke, with bills to pay, kids to feed, and on and on.

I’ve also learned the words “kingpin” and “ringleader” mean an extremely lengthy prison sentence.

I’ve learned about the nickel and dime dope leaders, who brag about having this and having that, living the good life. Now they’re in jail; they have nothing but two orange shirts, two orange pants, two towels, one wash cloth, three pairs of underwear, three pairs of socks, and one pair of shower shoes, all previously owned and worn by someone else.

The toothpaste is so runny, it rolls off the bristles of the two-inch long toothbrush, the tiny bars of soap you can barely see. Oh yeah, what a glamorous life what we live here.

I’ve learned, if you have a girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or wife on the outside, you can’t help them from here. So, they will probably find someone else who can. I’ve heard it a thousand times. “My girl’s faithful; she won’t cheat on me.” That might have been true, before you got her strung out on drugs. But now she has the habit that needs to be fed. You’re not there for her, so she’ll find someone or some way to feed it on her own.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that substance abuse and addictions is an ugly life.


Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail