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From Pat Jeffers

By Staff | Dec 19, 2012

Recently, I took my granddaughter and a friend to the New Martinsville Public Library for a special Story Time event. The children listened to a story, sang Christmas songs, decorated gingerbread people and houses, and had snacks. As always, Miss Melinda (Graham) did a fabulous job, helped by several Magnolia High School students, Joanna Graham, Halley Cecil, Ashley Moore, and Jordan Grimm, and Troy Boughner, who played the guitar. My granddaughter – and many other children – has enjoyed this incredible program in the summer and these girls have done a wonderful job week after week.

I am writing not only to thank them for a charming Christmas treat, obviously enjoyed by all the children and parents there, but also to thank the “elves” who made this possible. The mother next to me asked if I had paid at the library’s front desk or in the story time room. I replied that I didn’t know we had to pay and jumped up to do so. How pleased I was to learn from Janet Conn, the head librarian, that an anonymous Christmas “elf” had donated the funds needed and there was no fee for the parents to pay! In fact, she said, two “elves” had offered to provide the funds. What a lovely gift to the community.

Finally, I strongly urge parents and grandparents to take your children to the summer Story Time program. It is a wonderful way to encourage a love of reading and learning for your children. Thank you to everyone at the library who makes this program possible.


Pat Jeffers

New Martinsville