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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Nov 28, 2012

Hello once again from the Northern Regional Jail.

Some of us know substance abuse and addictions are sometimes easily hidden, but in the end, they become almost impossible to hide.

People don’t notice it until it affects their lives, their loved ones, or themselves. They think the problem belongs to someone else, not them or their family.

Unless you work or are around it day after day, you will never know the true consequences of drug and alcohol addiction.

Law enforcement, jails, hospitals-just to name a few professions-they’re the ones who witness the results of substance abuse first hand.

The police, among many things they see, are the mess the homes are in, the neglected kids, some of the adults themselves are neglected, not caring for themselves or their children’s appearance, hygiene, or well-being. They care only for the next high, and “chasing drugs.”

Hospitals have to deal with those who have become ill or have overdosed, as well as taking care of injuries associated with drugs such as automobile accidents, stabbings, shootings, etc.

The jails are the ones dealing with people coming in drunk or high, or becoming combative after being arrested, and the nurses at the jails deal with the ones who become “dopesick,” trying to hustle them for drugs. Then they become upset when they realize there are no drugs to be hustled.

So if you think you or your family are immune from this madness, you better think again.

If you do come to jail thinking you’re going to get pain pills? Sorry, it won’t happen.

And, if you come to jail and think you’re going to be babied because you’re dopesick? Again, it ain’t happening.

You will have to deal with being dopesick the best way you can. They do not dispense pain pills here, unless you consider Tylenol or Advil pain pills.

So if you’re on drugs, and abuse them, and come to jail, “eventually you probably will” expect to be dopesick for a while, because you will not be given anything to hep speed up or overcome your sickness.

And for those of you who have been through the misery of being dopesick, why don’t you tell the person how bad it feels when you come off of it the next time you offer them a pain pill or some other drug to try.

And, for those of you who have never experienced being dopesick, ask someone who has. It’s not a pretty sight to watch. I can only imagine what they are going through.

You don’t have to experience this! Chase your dreams, not drugs!

Hoping everyone has a safe and Happy Holidays.


Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail