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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Oct 31, 2012

A life broken by substance abuse can be rebuilt, and an individual can emerge a stronger person.

Hello once again from the Northern Regional Jail. We all know there are no instant cures for drug and alcohol addiction. I believe a person has to really want to quit before they can overcome an addiction

They say a person has to really hit bottom before they wake up and realize what a mess they’ve made of their life. Well, right now I’m so far down, I have to look up to see bottom. I guess I can be thankful I still have my health after all the years of alcohol abuse I’ve endured.

This is my fifth letter to the Wetzel Chronicle on the subject of substance abuse. People ask me why I write them. I tell them, I would really hate to see anyone waste their life and go through the hell of being locked-up like I have.

I know a lot of things I say and write fall on deaf ears and blind eyes. But I believe if I can help just one person, it will all be worthwhile, and I’m sure, some day, someone will read one of my letters or take a piece of advice I give them and actually get something useful out of it.

I honestly believe education is the best tool we have to fight substance abuse, and I really don’t think a child is too young to learn the consequences of substance abuse. Teach them the long-term effects of drug and alcohol addiction. Scare the heck out of them with the truth before they have a chance to fall victim to peer pressure in today’s society.

If you think your child, or even you, are immune from substance abuse, you better think again. I’ve seen all types come through here, from preachers’ sons to college kids who may have had a career in professional sports, thrown away, because they became addicts. What a career choice!

I’m sure they never started getting high with the intention of becoming addicts. Had they been taught young, many would not be in the mess they’re in today.

As I said before, substance abuse does not care who you are, it welcomes all who want to join its world of torment and misery. Don’t let it have you, or your child. Educate, educate, educate.

Chase your dreams, not drugs.

Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail