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From Danny Garrison

By Staff | Oct 24, 2012

Dear Bureau for Public Health:

My name is Danny Garrison, and I am an inmate at the Mount Olive Correctional Complex. I have a complaint about how the health inspector allows the kitchen here at Mount Olive to keep getting away with several violations each time they come here to inspect, some of which are very critical.

There are always problems with the kitchen, and we, as inmates, have little say in what goes on in there, but these issues are always going on because the kitchen supervisor knows that there will not be any consequences for their actions on letting the kitchen to continue to get this way. Some of the problems recently noticed are black mold, spoiled milk under the tiles around the milk machines, and trays coming out of the window dirty or still wet. Illnesses are quite common all over the complex, and it is difficult to tell how many of the illnesses are a direct result of the unhealthy and unsanitary conditions in the kitchen areas.

If the health inspector was to visit my restaurant on the street and find as many violations as they do here at Mount Olive, my restaurant would be shut down. I would request that you send a different health inspector, preferably on an unannounced visit, and give this place a thorough inspection, and if found in violation of health department code, force them to close the kitchen down until all is fixed. If the warden was forced to have a catering service feed us until this is cleaned up, it would be a consequence that they would not want to endure ever again.

I do pray that you look into this matter, for if these conditions are allowed to continue, it could cause more serious health problems for the inmate population. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

Respectfully submitted,

Danny Garrison #20952

Mt. Olive, W.Va.