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From Rosy Cozart

By Staff | Oct 17, 2012

The Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters Inc., would like to thank all those who made the 2012 Mutt Strut a great success on Oct. 6. The day started out rainy, but the clouds all rolled away and it was sunny and beautiful for the animals. We would like to thank all those who attended and all those who helped with the event. The volunteers will be thanked in this letter and the sponsors and the winners and funds raised will be in a follow up article about the event in this paper.

We would like to thank Connie Yeager, Marilyn Jacobs, Michelle Hall, Melissa Dinger, Penny Hamilton, Nancy Dorsch, Cindy and Scott Richter, Dwight and Carol Orr, Celia Johnson, Kim Hoskins, Becci Loy, Nancy Springer, Misty Keener, Ashley Hall, Mike Cozart, Becci and Casey Hilpert, April Clark, Nancy Nice, Clayton and William Nice, Susan Fair, Debra King, Pam Ferrell, Jessica Ferrell, Talon Ferrell, Joan Frye, Patty Miller, Deloris Murdock, Robin Spencer, Bob Sellers, Kim Hostutler, Aaron Fox, Christy Weaver, Helen Bennett, Carman Harman, Tom Gump, Bud Cunningham, Steven Mason, and Danny Westfall. If we have forgotten anyone please let us know. All your services were so appreciated!

Rosy Cozart

Wetzel County Animal Shelter Supporters, Inc.