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From John H. Yevuta

By Staff | Oct 17, 2012

The role that public officials are expected to fulfill is to serve their constituents and act on their behalf. In this regard, Attorney General Darrell McGraw has served the people of Wetzel County well. His efforts have had a profound effect on communities throughout the state.

In 2004, General McGraw’s office was the first party in the nation make Purdue Pharma pay for what we now know was its criminally fraudulent marketing of OxyContin, a highly addictive painkiller. On the morning of trial, Purdue Pharma agreed to settle the case. The settlement required the money be spent for fighting substance abuse and for rehabilitation. Wetzel County has received a total of $340,000 of this settlement.

Attorney General McGraw’s commitment to the citizens of the state and businesses does not end with major court cases. Since 1993, his office has protected citizens from bad businesses and returned $179,681 back in to the pockets of Wetzel County citizens who were victims of fraudulent or unlawful schemes. Further, he has fostered a climate in which businesses that violate the law are unable to gain a competitive edge over reputable businesses that play by the rules.

Attorney General McGraw has vigorously enforced the consumer laws of this state and the Purdue Pharma case was just one example. Thanks to the Attorney General’s tobacco case and other prosecutions, McGraw has brought West Virginia over $2 billion. Of this funding, $250 million was directed to the Department of Health and Human Resources, $30 million to Workers’ Compensation, and $24 million was used to fund the Physicians’ Mutual Insurance Company which was used to make malpractice premiums affordable. McGraw’s office provided $807 million towards paying the debt of the Teachers’ Retirement Fund, an urgent matter with a large number of teachers expected to retire in the near future.

Attorney General McGraw has honorably served the communities of West Virginia, and we can be assured he will continue to work for the people of Wetzel County.

John H. Yevuta

New Martinsville