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From Donna Ferrell

By Staff | Oct 10, 2012

Letters to the Editor cannot include photographs. So, go to the sites listed below to view examples that are referred to in this letter. I’m certain you’ll recognize our skies or you’ll begin to look up daily to prove me wrong.

We’re much too busy for our own good. How often do we stop to “Smell the roses?” How about the air we breathe? We just expect it to be there as clean, fresh air. Newspaper and news programs regularly tell us that air quality is down because of man-made pollution, coal use, etc. How many news outlets inform you that there are large aircraft dispersing aerosols into our atmosphere here and that this activity was begun decades ago and is now employed almost continuously?

It’s called Weather Modification, Stratospheric Geo-engineering, and lots of other things, but the common man calls the result of the spraying Chemtrails.

About a year ago, I heard large planes overhead while I was at the kitchen sink doing dishes. I stopped to look outside at the many planes far up in the sky. They were going in different directions and their trails were criss-crossing. I thought, “This is unusual.” But, what was unusual was that on that particular day

one or more planes dropped below their usual altitude and I heard the engine, and hence, began to look at the sky daily. Daily observation led me to search for answers. What I found was sobering. Investigate for yourself.

Documented evidence shows that this is deliberate and publicity is being covered up by the bully technique of retorting to anyone who brings it up, “That’s crazy.” Yes, it is crazy to deliberately destroy air quality and to deliberately subject citizens to health hazards using the air they breathe.

To learn more, begin online with these websites: AgricultureDefenseCoalition.org and WeatherModification.com

Learn about the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program in American, called HAARP for short. According to HAARP website, five countries use such technology HAARP facilities have the ability to modify weather and more. Watch this one-and-a-half hour video on YouTube entitled, “What in the World are They Spraying?” Follow up with “Why in the World are They Spraying?”

Donna Ferrell