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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Oct 2, 2012

Fool me once.

P.T Barnum of Barnum and Bailey Circus fame supposedly stated that, “A sucker is born every minute! He wasn’t all wrong as we can see. It appears that over 50 percent of the voters were suckered in the 2008 election, Nationally, however, the voters of West Virginia by a large majority, were not deceived.

We should be proud of this. This leaves us with an odd conundrum best stated by an old saying. “It is as bad to eat the Devil as to drink his broth!” This is to say that it is a mystery why the good folks of West Virginia will vote not to elect or reelect Obama because of his ruinous and foolish policies, but to slavishly elect and moreover to reelect those who are in favor of and promote these ruinous policies! Those are our current Governor, his Attorney General, and both of our US. Senators.

It can be stated that our junior senator and our governor are making noises about the coal situation in our state, this is to their credit, but in the long run I’m afraid it’s just noise.

The attack on coal in our state, if successful, will be a severe blow to our well being as a people, but the full implementation of Obama care will be the death knell for our state! Senator Manchin should drag his deer rifle out of the closet and take aim at this horrendous piece of legislation which, sadly to say, he voted for and later on voted not to defund; all the while voting 90 percent of the time for the Obama agenda!

Rockefeller has always been on the hard left so his votes for the Obama agenda came as no surprise. Joe, we had higher hopes for you but something must have happened along the way! This year, the Republican party in West Virginia has the best slate of candidates for office that I have seen in my life time; both on the state level and nationally.

We must have a two party system in West Virginia to survive. I fear, though, that another old saw will be heard, to wit, “If my Daddy knew that I voted for a Republican, he would turn over in his grave!” It might just be that the dearly departed, in the interim, might have, “so to speak”, saw the light and would put his mark under the elephant this time around!

Denver McMullen