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From Kathy Whitehair

By Staff | Sep 19, 2012

I am writing about a pre-pay Visa card. I bought one and of course, you need to call to have it activated (the nightmare began). When doing so, I was told my address was not a physical address. When I tried to explain it, then it was told to me that an address with a box number was not physical. I live outside of town where everyone has a box number, no street address or house number. So could you enlighten me on how do rural people get a card or is there another way of giving addresses of the rural (HC) people?

After speaking with others living under a box number, I can truly see there are many with the same question.

In the winter it would be so much easier to pay bills. I personally do not own a car, so I rely on friends to take me to pay them. The pre-pay Visa will not allow the hard card to be sent to a HC Box number because their computers say it is not a physical address. Can you explain how to get a card with a box number? It is not a post office box, but my house. When you buy the card, that one, you cannot reload. They must send you another by mail, that’s the one you can reload.

So I wasted five dollars and endless explaining of my address with no other outcome then them ending with “I need a physical address.”

Kathy Whitehair