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From Cindy L. Slider

By Staff | Sep 19, 2012

A concerned Paden City resident, Cindy Slider, has obtained information from a reliable source that current Mayor John Hopkins will not pave the old right of way road from Main Street going past Seventh Avenue where her home is located. Ms. Slider’s property has been surveyed and the road needing paved is on the city of Paden City.

Ms. Slider completed the necessary educational degrees required for her past employment at Union Carbide Chemicals and Plastics, Friendly, then later known as OSi Specialties, Inc. Group where she worked as Master Chemical Operator in plastics, firefighter, mechanic, pipefitter, electrician, and insulator.

Due to Ms. Slider’s current disability status that she acquired from her past employment, Mayor Hopkins should pave the road to allow her to travel safely to and from her home, or run the risk of violating Ms. Slider’s rights as a disabled citizen in accordance of the American Disabilities Act, 1992, and further face legal action on Ms. Slider’s behalf!

Just because Mayor Bill Fox lost the recent election, corrupted council members remain on the list.

Does Mayor John Hopkins have the right to say he is going to clean up the town of drugs? This is not his call, only the police, deputy sheriffs, and Wetzel has the best.

Cindy L. Slider

Paden City