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From Rita J. Wood

By Staff | Sep 12, 2012

I would like to personally thank the Paden City Fire Department for the service they provided at this years Town & Country Days. If you visited the fair at all this year, you would have seen a price increase at almost every food booth there except for the Paden City Fire Department booth. I am a member of the Wileyville VFD, and I know what a job it is to put on a fund raiser, the number of hours of preparation, as well as man hours working such. It is a very hard job, that most people do not wish to undertake. The fact that you could still get a funnel cake for only $3, as well as their many other food items at such a reasonable price, simply shows their support for their community as well. Thank you to all the Paden City Fire Department members that gave of your time to serve those fair goers at a fair price!

Thank You,

Rita J. Wood