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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Aug 29, 2012

Hello once again from the Northern Regional Jail.

We have all said or done things we regret or have been accused of things that were untrue. But, had we been sober, we would not have been put in the position for the lies to happen.

Lies, they’ve been told by us, to us, on us, or about us. When it comes to illicit drugs, lies are right there with them, hand in hand.

A girl tells everyone she has cancer; she’s lost a lot of weight, asks people she knows that has pain pills, “Can I get a couple pills? I’ve run out!” Come to find out, she was lying the whole time; she lost the weight because she was addicted to the pain pills. She thought if people felt sorry for her, she could get them. She did, until she was caught up in her lies.

Our own brain will lie to us. A guy told me he overdosed, twice in two days. Apparently one part of his brain told another part he wasn’t high enough. So he shot up more heroin and overdosed, dying the second day but was resuscitated. His brain had lied to him. Why? Because of drugs.

Not only will drugs have us lying to our friends, family, employers, etc., it will also have us lying to ourselves.

So, if you think you’re going to be cool because all your buddies are doing drugs, you are only lying to yourself.

One thing is true about the future in illicit drugs: it will lead to death or jail.

Chase your dreams, not drugs!


Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail

Moundsville, W.Va.