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From Denver McMullen

By Staff | Aug 29, 2012

First impressions.

As a member of the Constitutional advocates who meet in the public library in St. Marys, W.Va., on a bi-monthly basis, we who attend have heard many of the political candidates seeking State and National office give their views for consideration. Though both parties are invited to speak, we have yet to be honored by a Democrat seeking office to give his or her views. Most recently, we were privileged to hear Mr. Allen Loughry, who is seeking a seat on the West Virginia Supreme Court on the Republican ticket and Mr. Patrick Morrisey, also a Republican who is seeking to unseat Darrel McGraw as State Attorney General. Both gentlemen left us with a good first impression.

On Aug. 11 both of these gentlemen paid a visit to the Tyler County Fair to meet the folks and I was in the group who showed them around, along with Fred and Linda Daily of St. Marys and Jack Hayes of Middlebourne. Our first impression of them was bolstered by this visit. Both are friendly and outgoing and mix well with the folks. Though different in personality to be sure, they both are of one mind politically. They both reject the Obama agenda for America! While Mr. Loughry is quiet with the demeanor of a kindly family doctor or minister, Morrisey is quite animated with an ebullient personality with energy to spare! Also an impish grin that says that you might want to check your pockets after talking to him because you might find a toad there! Both are men of integrity with a deep love for our state and our people. We would do well to elect such men to represent us.

Denver McMullen