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From Warren Wade

By Staff | Jul 24, 2012

Greetings, once again, from this man-made hell known as the Northern Regional Jail.

I can’t apologize enough to those whom I have hurt, or whose life I may have disrupted.

I will soon be 48; I look back no my life and think, “Man, what a waste of a lot of years,” locked up, all due to my addiction to alcohol. When I was running around, partying, drinking, and having a good time, I was actually just wasting my life because it always ended up being the same thing, a jail or prison sentence, time I can never get back. As long as I never pick up that first drink, I will never have to worry about putting it down again.

I see these young people come in here day after day, and I think, that was me 30 years ago. I’m not sure how drug addicts’ brains function, but I know all too well how an alcoholic’s does. A typical alcoholic will tell themselves, “I’ll only drink a couple of beers after work,” or, “I’ll only drink on the weekends. I can control this!”

All we are doing is lying to ourselves though. It always ends up the same. The couple of beers after work turns into six beers…then eight, 10, and 12. The weekend drinking becomes daily. I know; I have been down those roads.

I’m sure drug addiction is similar. One thing is certain though . . . Drug and alcohol addiction does not discriminate. It does not care if you are old, young, rich, poor, black, or white. It leads down the same destructive road for those who choose it.

Always remember, we can be or do anything we want, but if we decide to give our lives to drugs and/or alcohol, we are pretty much guaranteed to be nothing or a nobody, hurting the ones we love and living a miserable existence with no one to blame but ourselves.

Yes, alcohol is a drug, and although it is legal, it still destroys lives.

People have no idea how addictive drugs and alcohol can be. I was hooked on alcohol the first time I tried it. I have had several people tell me the same thing about pills and heroin that they’re addicted to. Don’t let drugs and alcohol rule your life. The best way to keep from getting addicted-never try it! Chase your dreams, not drugs!


Warren Wade

Northern Regional Jail